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Six different quantifiers to explore in regex.


Regular expressions are fairly monotonous and tiring without the use of a special concept known as quantifiers.

Quantifiers serve to replicate a pattern a given number of times.

If you were ever asked to match the character 'a' occurring 100 times continuously, in a test string, will you construct an expression with literally 100 a's, or something more efficient?

In this chapter, we will discover quantifiers in great detail and see tons of examples on the topic. So, let’s not waste any more time and begin right away.

What are quantifiers?

As the name suggests, quantifiers are special characters that serve to quantify

If you are tired of seeing different explanations of JavaScript prototypes and really don’t understand what’s going on then you have luckily arrived at the right place.

What will you learn in this page?

  • What are prototypes
  • Purpose of prototypes
  • How to work with prototypes
  • Prototypes of prototypes

Before beginning make sure you have a solid grip on:

Amongst the trickiest of concepts to grasp in JavaScript are prototypes.

They are tricky because have a lot of key details to be entertained — not because they are difficult to understand. …

Long ago, when web development was in its teenage, the World Wide Web was unfortunately not that wide as it is right now. Websites had largely static HTML where to navigate between pages, browsers had to reload the entire page.

This was the case even for pages with almost the same content. A completely new request had to be made to the server and almost all of the similar data had be sent once again for no reason whatsoever.

As you might realise, this can be pretty inefficient, particularly for complex applications — it can add extra latency to the…


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